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How to tie the White Akroyd
By Jonas Andersson
Part two

11. Add the black coloured heron feather, wet the fingers and push the fibres backwards then secure to the hook.

12. Because this fly has a dubbing body I cheat by cutting the tinsels and add them again to get them nice looking. So add the tinsels as above again and then take black seal dubbing and wrap some rounds near the end of the hook and secure.

13. OK, so back to the tinsel, 3 round of the silver oval medium tinsel and secure. 3 rounds of the small oval silver tinsel and secure. Finally 3 reversed rounds of small gold tinsel and secure.

14. Take the heron and make 4-5 rounds forward while pushing the fibres backwards and secure.

15. Wet the heron fibres and gently drag them down and backwards.

16. Add a natural Guinea Fowl feather with right length of fibres.

17. Make 3 rounds with the Guinea fowl pushing the fibres backwards and secure.  Wet the fibres and gently drag them down.

18. Now the hard part: take 2 small strips of white Swan (Turkey will do if you canít get Swan, turkey is a lot cheaper too), mount the wings and secure them.

19. Add some Jungle Cock to the sides (I like it) secure the wing properly and build a small head, cut thread.

20. Add one thin layer of clear varnish on the head. It makes the head hard then the clear Varnish is much more effective blending with the thread.

21. When the varnish has dried add one thin layer of black varnish.

The last thing to do is one more layer of clear varnish on the head to give it a really good look.

Congratulations you have finished the White Akroyd!

You have to excuse me for my poor English, but anyway you will hopefully understand most of my writing. Iím not an expert tier, just doing some fishing flies and of course meanwhile having fun. Good luck and happy tying.

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Jonas Andersson, (Swe-Classics) 2004 ©
Sportfiskebutiken IngarŲ

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