White Akroyd, tied and photographed by Jonas Andersson

How to tie the White Akroyd
By Jonas Andersson

  Letís start with the hook, for making this an simple guide I have chosen to use size 1/0

1. Mustad 80500B Salmon hook. First of all add the thread to the hook as follows.

2379_1.jpg (6270 bytes)

2. The next thing to do is adding the back tinsel.

3. Wrap the tinsel forward to the hook point and secure (leave no gaps!).

4. Now you have to choose a matching topping from a Golden Pheasant, put it between you fingers and hold against the top of the hook. Make three rounds with the thread, have a look so itís in place and then correct and secure.

5. Now itís time for the small Jungle Cock feathers, one of each side of the topping, but place them a bit above.

6. The next thing to add is the black Ostrich herl. Tie it in and make 3-4 round and secure make sure the fibres are pointing backwards. Correct them if they are pointing in the wrong direction.

7. Now itís time to add some stuff. Start with adding the yellow cock feather, then I usually ad one 10 cm of small oval gold tinsel and one 10 cm small silver and last 10 cm medium oval silver tinsel.

8. For the body add 1/3 of yellow/gold seal dubbing.

9. After you have secured the yellow/gold seal dubbing 1/3 of the hook itís time for the tinsels I usually start with the medium silver tinsel, 2 rounds and secure. Then I take the small oval silver tinsel besides the medium tinsel 2 rounds and secure. Now you take the small oval gold tinsel reverse round over the two other tinsel 2 rounds and secure.

10. Now take the Yellow cock feather and wrap 3 round pushing all fibres backwards and secure.

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Jonas Andersson, (Swe-Classics) Copyright 2004
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